KSU and FC

The KSU Department of Architecture is proud to host and sponsor the Georgia Regional Future City Competition. Future City is part of our continued commitment to outreach and community engagement.

KSU’s Future City Steering Committee (FCSC) is housed in the College of Architecture and Construction Management and provides administrative and practical support for the Georgia Future City Competition. Along with overseeing all logistical and administrative operational functions of the Competition, the FCSC also locates sponsors and assists in pairing school teams with mentors. In Addition to the on-line Mentor Training provided by Bentley Systems, KSU and the Future City Steering Committee also provide an extensive list of training sessions, these are provided in-person and on-line.

The Georgia Regional FCSC is lead by the Regional Coordinator. The Regional Coordinators are the main points of contact with the National Future City staff and program. The FCSC holds meetings as necessary to ensure that satisfactory progress is being made throughout the year.

The Georgia Regional Future City Steering Committee is composed of four main subareas each plays a vital and interrelated role in the overall operations of the Future City Competition. The subareas are as follows:

  • FC Team Recruitment
    • Education Coordination
    • Mentor Coordination
  • Fundraising
    • Fundraising Coordination
    • Treasurer
  • PR and Promotions
    • Marketing and PR Coordination
    • Publication and Graphics Coordination
    • Web and Social Media Coordination
  • Competition Logistics
    • Judge Coordination
    • Volunteer Coordination
    • Event Coordination