The Georgia Regional Future City Competition offers several sponsorship opportunities that include:

  • Platinum: $5000- $10,000
  • Gold: $2500- $4500
  • Silver: $1000- $2500
  • Bronze: $500- $1000
  • Society Awards: $250
  • Special Awards: $250

Your sponsorship dollars make it possible for the FCSC to provide administrative and practical support for the Georgia Regional Future City Competition. They make it possible for us to oversee all logistical and administrative operational functions of the Competition, to assist in pairing school teams with Mentors, to distribute SimCity 4 Deluxe Keys to registered schools, to provide Handbooks for Educators, Mentors and Students and to provide an extensive list of in-person and on-line training sesions.

Your sponsorship dollars also help to provide a continental breakfast and lunch to all school team members on the day of the Regional Competition, cover the cost of t-shirts, school plaques, awards, recognition certificates, publications and marketing.

The Future City Steering Committee operates entirely through volunteer efforts, none of your sponsorship dollars are spent on salaries. Your entire contribution is spent on providing services to our educators, mentors and students.

For more detailed information regarding sponsorship opportunities download a Sponsorship Information Packet today.

The video below was produced for Voice of America. We think it will convince you of the benefits of sponsoring FUTURE CITY in your area.