Working with educators, Future City mentors serve as coaches; providing insight, helping in problem-solving and bringing subject area expertise as they work with individual student teams. All mentors are provided with a Program Handbook, can attend an in-person Mentor Orientation and have access to on-line training via Bentley Mentor Center for Excellence courtesy of Bentley Systems.

Mentors work with individual Educators. How the competition is implemented into the host school or organization differs. Therefore, mentors begin by discussing the educators needs and how the mentor can contribute. They then establish a schedule. Early on, mentors meet with the team, get to know the students and help them focus on the big picture: good urban design, essay topic, brainstorming. Later, mentors work with team members on understanding scale, model building and presentation.

Schools and their competition teams are located throughout the State. Mentors select a local school looking for a mentor and are paired with an educator. Mentors usually meet with a team every other week for approximately 2 hours and should expect to dedicate around 25 hours to the task over the course of several months.


Volunteer Judges are provided with a Judges Manual prior to the competition so they can review the score sheet and be familiar with the rubrics.

Competition Judges serve on the day of the Regional Competition as either Preliminary Round Judges, Society Judges or Special Awards Judges. Judges are provided a rubric and scoring materials prior to the competition for their review. A training session is provided in-person and online prior to the day of the Regional Competition. The time commitment is 7:00am - 1:00pm on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

SimCity 4 Judges review and score the SimCity 4 component of the Competition. Judges are provided with a SimCity 4 'Key', a rubric and a score sheet. Judging takes place between December 3rd and January 10th and can be done virtually. Each volunteer judges approximately 10-15 cities. The time commitment over the month long period is approximately 15-20 hours.

Research Essay and City Narrative Judges review Research and City Narrative components for the Competition. Judges can work virtually and will be provided with files, rubrics and score sheets. This judging takes place between December 17th and January 15th. The time commitment over the month long period is approximately 15-20 hours.

Regional Competition Volunteer Staff

Competition Day Volunteers perform a variety of tasks beginning the day prior to the competition and throughout the day at the Regional Competition. Volunteer staff are provided with specific task outlines and time commitments prior to the day of the Regional Compeition.

The Georgia Regional Future City Steering Committee

This working committee oversees the Future City Competition in Georgia. We need committee members to serve in the following roles. 

  • FC Team Recruitment
    • Education Committee
    • Mentor Committee
  • Fundraising
    • Fundraising Committeer
  • PR and Promotions
    • Marketing and PR Committee
    • Publication and Graphics Committee
    • Web and Social Media Committee
  • Competition Logistics
    • Judge Committee
    • Volunteer Committee
    • Event Committee