Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

The Department of Architecture at KSU strongly encourages students to be part of the global community, to experience architecture, art and urbanism first hand and to broaden their exposure to international design. 

Local, national and international Design Collaborations provide intellectual forums for our faculty and students to exchange ideas and research and develop a better understanding of other cultural approaches to the built environment.

KSU has an extensive study abroad initiative that provides numerous opportunities for students to travel and study abroad. The Department of Architecture offers unique architecture specific study abroad and workshop programs. These programs are administered through the office of international studies. For more information on study abroad options at KSU see KSU's Education Abroad website.

Summer 2017 Programs

Paris, France: Ecological Urbanism & Installation Art

Professor Ed Akins

The Paris Program revolves primarily around the palpable experience of visiting sites, with group critiques serving as an integral part of the educational process. Site visits are supplemented with lectures and a series of selected readings and online discussions prior to departure from Atlanta, GA. Class topics will be integrated with field trips throughout Paris and surrounding cities. This plein-air form of teaching and learning, during overseas travel, is fundamental to the full development of architectural thinking and understanding with a depth and richness that enhances global awareness of our constructed world. Observations of human behavior, sketching, diagramming and analysis will be conducted on site to truly understand this city, its art, and its architecture. Students taking the Arts course will visit a practicing Parisian artist, in his atelier, and visit some of his installations while learning about the city and how to respond artistically to urban surroundings.  Students taking the EcoUrbanism course will visit architecture firms and urban redevelopment projects in Paris and discuss what it means to see the city as an organism.  You will discover how Paris is growing and responding intelligently within the shadow of the recent 2015 UN Climate Change Conference, COP21, and the unprecedented advancements made therein.  Both courses will spend three to four days a week walking through the city of Paris, and other nearby cities, to fully experience and respond to this dynamic cultural environment.

Study abroad offers a lasting gift of knowledge that is gained only through experiencing works of art, architecture and urban spaces (especially as a student of architecture) in a global setting with faculty lead discussion and learning outcomes. 

Enhance your college experience by taking advantage of the $1000 Global Learning Scholarship at Kennesaw State University to offset your travel costs while getting course credit for electives within your degree! Simply perform 5 hours of community service state-side prior to departure.  
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