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Whitney AshleyWhitney Ashley

Having a resume that stretches locally and internationally, SPSU Architect alumni Whitney Ashley has proven to not only her employers but the current students of KSU that you can fulfill all of your aspirations and then some.

Graduating in 2012, Whitney developed her interest in Digital Design and Fabrication while working on her undergrad thesis project which actually won two awards (Faculty Choice Award and Elected Nominee for the Arch Prix Competition). After graduating, she collaborated with a fellow student and entered into the Art on the Beltline competition. They were selected to design and build two different installations that were entitled “Woodie” and “Wormhole” which you can actually see on the competition’s website.

In 2015, Whitney was accepted into Georgia Tech and pursued a Masters of Architecture Degree with a concentration in Digital Design and Fabrication. While working on her degree, Whitney had the opportunity to study abroad in Germany and South Africa. Along with a team, she helped build a theater in the Township of Langa in Capetown, South Africa.

Origami TessellationShortly after graduation, Whitney and a few Georgia Tech classmates were granted to exhibit an installation that they designed and built in one of their classes. The project is entitled “Origami Tessellation” and was presented on the Beltline in 2015 for 5 months. Following the exhibition, Georgia Tech granted that the installation could be re-installed in front of the Architecture Building which will be exhibited until 2018.

Kennesaw State University’s Department of Architecture is immensely proud of Whitney for all of her achievements and we are excited to see what her future holds! If you’d like to see Whitney’s current and past projects, please click here to visit her website.



  • Mandy Palasik and Nghi DuongLiving Synergies

    KSU Department of Architecture alumni, Mandy Palasik and Nghi Duong, have designed a glow in the dark installation in dedication to the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade, taking place on September 10, 2016.

    From early September through mid-November, the two alumni of KSU will have their work “Living Synergies” featured in the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade that will set a high bar for  future artists in the largest temporary art exhibition in the south.

    The project has an Instagram page including a hashtag for the parade (#livingsynergies), which shows the process that Mindy, Nghi, and their team did to make this project come to life.

    If you’d like to see more work, follow Living Synergies Instagram @livingsynergies and check out the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade’s website for more information.

     Chris Stailey and Jacob Mashburn
    Chris Stailey and Jacob Mashburn

    KSU Architecture alumni Chris Stailey and Jacob Mashburn (KSU B.ARCH, 2010) founded Agon Coordination, along with Micah Childs, in May 2013 in response to the growing need for BIM coordination services throughout the New York City area.

    While collaborating together on the Madison Square Garden and rebuilding of the World Trade Center projects, these three came to realize that with Micah’s extensive experience in the MEP fields, Chris’s vision of approaching issues of architectural design with a macro to micro approach and Jacob’s ability to collaborate well across multiple facets of the construction process, their skills could be best utilized together, and thus Agon Coordination was born.

    Since its inception, Agon has tackled many highly impressive projects, including providing BIM coordination services for the World Trade Center reconstruction, the Columbia University expansion with the Medical and Graduate Education buildings, the entire Hudson Yards development, Pier 17 and the Manhattan West development to name a few. Chris and Jacob credit their tenure at the Department of Architecture at Kennesaw State University as an integral part of providing the knowledge and resiliency it takes to handle some of New York’s highest profile projects.

    The Kennesaw State Department of Architecture is extremely proud to call Chris and Jacob alumni of our program, and anticipate their many additional exciting projects and creative endeavors in the impending future. 

    Agon Coordination is currently expanding their services to the Philadelphia, San Diego and Atlanta areas. Services include pre-coordination models, coordination, as-builts, construction phase scheduling and supply estimation. For additional information, please visit www.agoncoordination.com.

     Patrick ChopsonPatrick Chopson

    Patrick Chopson has gone on to do amazing things since earning his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Kennesaw State University in 2013. After receiving his Master’s in High Performance Buildings (Georgia Tech, 2014), Patrick co-founded the Energy Lab at research-based architecture and design firm Perkins + Will and returned to KSU as a part-time instructor, teaching a Focus Studio and Decom in 2015.

    In June 2015, Patrick started an Atlanta-based building analytics consulting firm, Pattern r+d, as Chief Operating Officer. Patrick brings his expertise in process integration and computational design to Pattern’s team, which also includes Kennesaw State graduates Julian Quinn, Principal (B.ARCH 2013) and Ken Chin, Design Intern (B.ARCH 2015).

    Pattern r+d utilizes analysis tools and methods to design for building energy, daylighting, and thermal comfort performance. These findings provide clients (architects, engineers, and contractors) with the lowest life cycle cost combinations of materials and technology parameters that meet or exceed operational energy efficiency targets.

    Not only is Pattern r+d making an exciting industry impact, but they are also actively involved in the community, including participating in the Living Building Challenge, hosting workshops and engaging in a variety of public awareness opportunities.

    For more information on Pattern r+d, please visit www.patternarch.com.


    Demetrius Rease

    Demetrius Rease

    Demetrius Rease is an upcoming fourth year Architecture major at Kennesaw State University. The youngest of three children, Demetrius was raised in Marietta, GA. Upon graduating from Sprayberry High School in 2011, Demetrius began his college studies at Georgia Highlands College.

    The following year, Demetrius was accepted into Kennesaw State University’s Architecture Program (formerly Southern Polytechnic State University), where he began to dive into his true academic passion. Wasting no time, Demetrius landed his first real-world experience as an Exhibition Design Intern, under Jim Waters and Edward Leftwich, at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. This


    opportunity allowed Demetrius to gain valuable experience in the area of professional architectural model making. Most recently, Demetrius worked in the KSU Architecture Wood Shop as a student assistant to Dave Peeples, Manager of Building Operations.

    “My most influential professors throughout my architecture education happen to be my first year architecture professors. Both Professor Marietta Monaghan and Professor Bronne Dytoc have expressed to me the high importance of craft, quality and experience,” said Reese.

    Demetrius constructed his model of the Design II Building for Professor Dytoc’s Environmental III class. In this assignment, the professor allowed the students to design and apply solar/shade solutions to DII’s west facade and clerestory windows. It is an architectural environment with solar conditions in which students are familiar with working. The model can be secured to a turntable, allowing for students to mimic any solar condition on earth from summer to winter, sunrise to sunset, with the slightest tilt or rotation. The time of year and day on the surface of the turntable can be determined by a horizontal sun path diagram, which sits on the roof of the Design II Building.

    “This isn't the first, nor will it probably be the last model that I will do for Professor Dytoc. Every time he assigns me a model to construct, we both benefit from it,” said Rease. “He receives a scaled and accurate mock-up model for his students to apply their design solutions, and I receive the experience and substance needed to build an impressive portfolio.”