Meet Your CACM Advising Team

Undergraduate students, use this guide to find your Advisor:

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    Janice Malone
  • H - O
    Jonathan Rivera-Perez
  • P - Z
    Hilary Cuevas
  • Hilary CuevasSenior Academic Advisor Hilary Cuevas earned her Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Administration degree from Valdosta State University and her bachelor’s

    degree in Communications, Public Relations and Advertising from Reinhardt University in Waleska, Georgia.  Hilary joined CACM Advising in January 2020, building on her previous eight years of education related experience, including three years as a Transfer Advocate Gateway Graduation Coach.  Hilary also has experience as an Admissions Coordinator, Manager of tutoring services, and as a Residence Life Coordinator.  Her background in higher education administration includes expertise in higher education policy development and her research interests include retention, students in transition, and public administration.

  •  Janice MaloneAcademic Advisor Janice Malone received her Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Studies from Kennesaw State University and earned a Master of Science degree in First Year Studies from KSU as well.  Janice has been in higher education for 16 years and is passionate about helping students visualize success educationally, personally, professionally.  Janice’s interests lie in life coaching, focusing on an individual’s personal growth and happiness.  She is skilled at providing structured questions to help organize an individual’s thoughts and has excellent critical thinking skills for helping people set tangible objectives.  Janice enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, taking nature walks, and meditation.

  • jonathan rivera perez

    Senior Academic Advisor Jonathan Rivera-Perez has a B.A. in Public Communications and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Supervision. Jonathan taught K-12 for about 4 years before entering the Higher Education scene in 2016. He gained experience as an Adjunct Faculty member and Academic Advisor for a small college in Buffalo, New York. This is where he began his academic advising journey, which brought him to the KSU Family. Jonathan has been with KSU for over a year and joined the College of Architecture and Construction Management in February. 

    Jonathan enjoys helping out and interacting with students in order to help them succeed. He speaks Spanish and English--make sure to say hi or “Hola” and ask questions about your program.