Media Resource Center

Located in Building N Room 211, the Media Resource Center houses (4) scanners, (2) large bed scanners and (10) high-end HP Plotters. The Media Resource center also houses a photography studio where students can photograph models in a controlled light environment.

Media_Lab Plotter and Scanner Use Procedure Fall 2020

NOTE: As the conditions and environment changes based on COVID-19 remain fluid, this document may also be revised as new guidance is issued.  Students will be advised via email of any changes.

  1. Due to the need for social distancing and to limit contact, we WILL NOT ACCEPT WALK INS for the use of Plotters and Scanners.   All Plotter projects must be scheduled with the Media_Lab via email.
  2. Personal Projects will not be allowed.  All projects must be for a valid class assignment
  3. All scanner use must be done by appointment by using the web reservation system.

The Revised steps for completing a Plotting project are:

Step 1 – Email the PDF file to be printed to David Easterwood

Please provide:

  • Only include sheets to be printed in the PDF file
  • Only use standard sheet sizes (11x17, 18x24, 24x36)
  • Save PDF files at 150dpi
  • Let us know what color system (RGB or CYMK) used

Step 2 – Preparation, Submission, and Approval of Plotter PDF file(s):

  • Your files should be named in this arrangement:
    • Last Name_First Initial_(x*)_ Professor.pdf
      • If sending multiple files, number them
        • Ex: EasterwoodD1_Martin.pdf, EasterwoodD2_Martin.pdf, EasterwoodD3_Martin.pdf
      • Files not named in this way will be rejected and you will get a rejection email.
      • Your professor must be CC’d in ALL email exchanges
  • All PDF files should be the correct scale before being sent to Media_Lab. If the scale is not correct, your files will be sent back to you for revision. Media_Lab will NOT adjust scale!
  • Once received, the Media_Lab will:
    • Review your file(s)     
    • Communicate any issues
    • Approve or return for modification

Step 3 – Plotting

  • Upon approval the Media_Lab will notify you when your files will be printed.
  • All Plotting will be done at 150dpi on bond paper.
  • The Media_Lab will provide the bond paper and the ink.

Step 4 – Plotting Pick-Up

Once your plots are printed, the Media_Lab will contact you for a time to pick up your prints.

Due to the need for social distancing, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT WALK INS.