The Keys to the City competition is to design and execute the painting of an art mural on the Kennesaw State University Marietta Campus Piano. Competition entries should present a finished design that covers the entire piano and piano bench. All entries must be submitted in one of the digital formats: .jpg, .pdf,, .psd


The winner of the competition will receive a $100 gift certificate. Supplies for painting the piano will be provided to the winner who will have a week to paint the piano according to their winning submission.

Execution of the design on the piano will occur the week of October 14, 2019.

The official unveiling will take place on Thursday, October 24, 2019.


  • This national program provides access to musical opportunity, fosters creativity, builds a sense of community among the public, and activates public space. In the process, it raises awareness for local music and the visual arts.
  • Sponsored by the City of Marietta Arts Council, the Marietta 'Keys to the City' program premiered in 2019 at the M2R Trailfest. It is a city-wide initiative featuring pianos painted by local artists. The pianos appear throughout the city and are to be enjoyed by anyone who happens upon one. You can become part of the #mariettaartscene when you sit down at a piano and let yourself be creative! Remember to tag the program and share your performance!
  • Entering is easy--just submit your design to the Department of Architecture at KSU. All entries should be submitted in one of the digital formats: .jpg, .pdf,, .psd. Your design should cover all sides of the piano and the piano bench.


Marietta Council of the Arts

Marietta Arts Council, Inc. is a Georgia nonprofit group of volunteers dedicated to enriching the artistic and cultural landscape of the City of Marietta through advocacy, education, and public art. In 2018, The Marietta Arts Council partnered with the City of Marietta to kick off a weekend celebrating the thriving art scene in Marietta at the inaugural Mountain to River TrailFest with performances, mural installations, and a sculpture garden along the new urban trail connecting Lewis Park to Brown Park, running through downtown Marietta. Since then, the Council has partnered with private, public, and civic groups to expand its programming and advocacy.

Newsong Pianos

The piano on the Marietta campus of KSU was generously donated by Newsong Pianos of Marietta. A local family business, they are known for bringing back the lost glory to old and out-of-tune pianos, hence their name. Newsong takes pride in the fact that your piano will play and look as it should.

Department of Architecture
College of Architecture and Construction Management
Kennesaw State University

The Department of Architecture at KSU is active in educating our students about urbanism, creative-placemaking, tactical urbanism and community outreach. We are pleased to partner with the Marietta Council of the Arts and Newsong to bring this exciting program to our students.