CACM Advising

The College of Architecture and Construction Management at Kennesaw State University offers academic advising and information to prospective and current students. The program consists of professional academic advising in conjunction with faculty advising. Use the buttons above to schedule an appointment with the College Academic Advisor or request a course override.

Department of Architecture Advising

The Department of Architecture provides additional layers of advising support in the form of a Registration Advisor and Faculty Academic Advisors.

Role of the Faculty Registration Advisor

The role of the Registration Advisor is to address major concerns relative to transfer credits, degree petitions, course substitutions and provide advice and information relative to enrollment status, GPA calculation, fee payment etc.

The Faculty Registration Advisor will serve all students during their enrollment in the upper division (post portfolio review 3rd, 4th and 5th year).

Role of Faculty Academic Advisor

The Academic Advisor is first and foremost a mentor; someone to provide insight into the program, professional and career choices, graduate school options and other related opportunities. Academic Advisors are not counselors and, should a student require more professional help, they should be directed to the Counseling and Psychological Services.

FAQ related to Advising

  • Academic Advising at Kennesaw State University is centrally coordinated, but decentralized in its delivery. Central coordination is through the Office of the Senior Vice Provost. This office establishes university-wide benchmarks and a best practice related to academic advising, coordinates and conducts advising assessment efforts and coordinates advisor training and professional development opportunities on campus.

    Delivery of academic advising services occurs in each college/unit, and is organized according to the individual needs and resources of the college. This decentralized delivery model honors the unique needs of students in very distinct academic programs, while central coordination through the office of the SVP provides advisor training, professional development, and a common set of standards and expectations.

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