Construction Management Concentrations

In addition to completing all of the following General Education, University-wide, lower division and elective requirements, students pursuing a the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management must also select one of the six concentrations listed below and complete all courses listed for that concentration on the corresponding curriculum flow chart.

Required Courses

  • General Education
  • University-Wide Degree Requirements
  • Lower Division Requirements
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Choose One of the Following Concentrations

Click each link to view the curriculum flow chart for that concentration.

  • General Contracting – Mainly responsible for the overall construction, improvement, or renovation project under contract and manages all the sub-contractors on a project.
  • Land Development – A professional who has the ability to identify the best and optimal use of a land parcel under the land use and planning regulations for given market/locality. Real estate development or changing land use is also land development.
  • Specialty Construction (or Electrical and Mechanical) – Mainly responsible for the electrical and mechanical portions of a construction or renovation project under contract on a project.
  • Heavy Construction – A contractor who is engaged in construction of infrastructure including, highways, roads, utilities etc.
  • Facilities Management – Profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.
  • Residential Construction – A contractor engaged in construction of only residential projects that includes apartment complexes, individual homes etc.

Required Electives

Students are required to completed three elective courses. Choose one courses from any of the above concentrations, other than your selected concentration.