Facility Management Certificate

The Facility Management Certificate program is designed to provide students with the skills related to the ongoing operation of built environments in accordance with IFMA eleven core competencies. This Certificate program requires 18 credit hours and can potentially be completed in one year.

Construction Program Requirements

    • CM 3180 - Mechanical and Electrical Building Systems

      A study of mechanical and electrical system types, how they are built, and how they affect the construction project. Topics will include air conditioning, heating, plumbing, fire protection, electrical power, electrical lighting, and building control materials and systems. The analysis of current construction drawings will be integrated into each topic.

      Credits: 3

      • CM 3270 - Facility Management Strategies

        Students in this course will learn about the history, practice and profession of Facility Management (FM). Core competencies of the FM profession as detailed by key FM organizations such as IFMA, BIFM, and FMAA will be introduced and analyzed for similarities and differences. Students will also learn about the organizational, ethical, and leadership strategies for the delivery of facility management services.

        Credits: 3

        • CM 3290 - Facilities Management Practices

          Students in this course will study the methods and techniques for managing facilities. The core consists of knowledge on process and techniques for strategic planning, estimating and budgeting, life cycle costing, and integrated decision making. Students also learn about the role and responsibilities of facility manager in different business forms and organization models. FM technology and its future is discussed and explored.

          Credits: 3

          • CM 4190 - Sustainable Operation & Maintenance

            This course will emphasize the techniques and methods used in sustainable construction operations and maintenance. Importance of a collaborative team effort from owner, occupant, facility management, and maintenance providers will be integrated into the course. Influences on the Environment, society, maintenance and energy needs will be analyzed. Topics will include LEED green building operations and maintenance (Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation In Operations). MEP systems such as ventilation, air conditioning, heating, electrical lighting and building control systems will be discussed from a sustainable operations and maintenance perspective.

            Credits: 3

            • CM 3110 - Residential and Light Construction Methods

              An introduction to microcomputers and commercial software. Students learn DOS and Windows manipulations, spreadsheets, word processing, visualization, and presentation software by actively using tutorials and help screens in a structured laboratory setting. Scheduling and estimating software are introduced.

              Credits: 3

              • CM 3190 - Sustainable Construction

                This course will emphasize the techniques and methods of sustainable construction. Importance of a collaborative team effort from owners, architects, engineers, constructors, and consultants will be integrated into the course. Influences on the cost and schedule due to a sustainable construction project will be analyzed. Topics will include performance certification techniques for sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, materials & resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation and design. MEP systems such as ventilation, air conditioning, heating, electrical lighting and building control systems will be covered from a sustainable perspective.

                Credits: 3

                • CM 3310 - Real Estate Development Practices

                  The course provides an overview of the land development process and provides a foundation for the advanced land development courses. The course focuses on the steps in planning and carrying out the land development project and on the legal issues encountered in the land development profession. The course includes lectures, readings from the texts and closed library reserves, class discussion, problems, exercises and student presentations.

                  Credits: 3

                  • CM 3400 - Risk and Quality Management

                    This course focuses on Exposure analysis, risk management, risk transfer and the costs associated with each. The costs of safety and the lack of it is examined. Workers’ compensation insurance cost is integrated into the issues of safety along with the development of a comprehensive risk management plan.

                    • CM 3410 - Construction Quantity Surveying

                      A study of techniques in the process of construction estimating, with an emphasis on development of the quantity survey. The completion of a specification takeoff and a quantity survey of commercial construction are required.

                      • CM 3800 - Construction Finance

                        Students in this course study the management of company and project finances. They learn the fundamentals of construction accounting and depreciation, prepare financial statements, analyze company’s financial health, conduct cost and profit center analysis, prepare and forecast cash flows, and use the technique of time value of money for economic decision making.

                        Credits: 3

                        • CM 4620 - Development Process and Finance

                          Students in this course will study financial feasibility and economic desirability of income producing properties. They will learn various financial feasibility analysis techniques and prepare financial pro-forma models for various stages of the development process. The concepts that will be covered are net operating income, time value of money, different forms of financing, and business entities for development process. Acquisition, development, and construction (ADC) loans will be studied and student will prepare their loan amortization schedule.

                          Credits: 3

                        Contact Information

                        Prof. Jacqueline Stephens
                        Certificate Program Coordinator
                        Dr. Lantz Holtzhower
                        Facilities Management Program Coordinator

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