Project Management Certificate

The Certificate in Project Management is designed to provide students with skills used by construction managers, such as estimating, scheduling and general knowledge on how to management construction projects. This construction project management certificate requires 18 credit hours and can potentially be completed in one year. 

Program Requirements

    • CM 2000 - Construction Graphics

      A study of the fundamentals of graphic language used by construction professionals, with an emphasis on developing skills in expressing concepts in visual form and in reading architectural and engineering construction documents.

      Credits: 3

      • CM 3000 - Computer Applications in Construction

        An introduction to microcomputers and commercial software. Students learn DOS and Windows manipulations, spreadsheets, word processing, visualization, and presentation software by actively using tutorials and help screens in a structured laboratory setting. Scheduling and estimating software are introduced.

        Credits: 3

        • CM 3110 - Residential and Light Construction Methods

          A study of materials, techniques, and methods used in residential and light construction. Foundations, wood frame and masonry structural systems, interior and exterior finishes, residential electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems are included. Also included are residential building code requirements.

          Credits: 3

          • CM 4560 - Construction Project Management

            A study of traditional, design-build and construction management delivery methods, the management of field operations and administration of the construction contracts. Contract documents, project organization, supervision, working with owners and design professionals, procurement, management of subcontractors.

            Credits: 3

            • CM 3040 - Building Information Modeling I

              A course on study of building information modeling for pre-construction applications. The course will enable the students to develop and modify building information models. It includes integration of estimates and schedules with building information models. It also prepares the students to identify conflicts caused by architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems during pre-construction stages.

              Credits: 3

              • CM 3190 - Sustainable Construction

                This course will emphasize the techniques and methods of sustainable construction. Importance of a collaborative team effort from owners, architects, engineers, constructors, and consultants will be integrated into the course. Influences on the cost and schedule due to a sustainable construction project will be analyzed. Topics will include performance certification techniques for sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, materials & resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation and design. MEP systems such as ventilation, air conditioning, heating, electrical lighting and building control systems will be covered from a sustainable perspective.

                Credits: 3

                • CM 3410 - Construction Quantity Surveying

                  A study of techniques in the process of construction estimating, with an emphasis on development of the quantity survey. The completion of a specification takeoff and a quantity survey of commercial construction are required.

                  Credits: 3

                  • CM 3420 - Construction Estimating and Bid Preparation

                    The continued study of the estimating process emphasizing pricing the general contractor’s work, including estimating procedures, development of direct and indirect unit costs, evaluation of subcontractor bids, bidding strategy and bid opening. The completion of an estimate, bid submission, and development of a schedule of values are required. Also included is an introduction to conceptual estimating.

                    Credits: 3

                    • CM 4510 - Construction Scheduling

                      A study of the management techniques used in controlling the progress of construction projects, including development of a commercial project schedule, as well as simulation of updating and monitoring progress using critical path methodology. Commonly used commercial software packages are introduced.

                      Credits: 3

                      • CM 4660 - Advanced Scheduling & Project Management

                        Course focuses on Communication, Industry Software, Target Value Design and other best Practices as they pertain to Project Management. Erosion Control Supervisor, and Work Zone Traffic Control Certification requirements are examined. Skills generally required for sound project management in a variety of management settings are studied in addition to specific management issues typically associated with construction companies.

                        Credits: 3

                        • CM 4710 - Construction Safety

                          A study of construction safety and loss control principles and practices. Topics include project security control, construction accident prevention, safety information sources, weather precautions, emergency planning, and OSHA procedures and regulations.

                          Credits: 3

                          • CM 4760 - Construction and Real Estate Property Law

                            A study of Construction Contract Documents and Claims. Topics include: analyses of AIA B141, A101, A201, and contractual graphic and technical documents. Other supporting construction contract documents such as bid bonds, payment and performance bonds and construction modifications are studied. The traditional tri-union construction contract formation process is examined in relation to the owner, contractor, material men, and subcontractors. Discussions regarding damages
                            for differing and unforeseen conditions, defective workmanship, and construction delay claims are surveyed in conjunction with AAA construction arbitration rules regarding emerging construction manager contracting processes.

                            Credits: 3


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