The answers to questions frequently asked by current Construction Management students can be found below.

  • To declare or change your major, go on your Owl Express account under the "Registration and Student Records" tab. Select the 14th item down, "Request Change Degree Program". Complete the online form. CM majors should select ONLY ONE concentration. (You will have to resubmit if you select two concentrations.) Please keep checking your Owl Express transcript. In several days, your transcript will show your major (halfway down the transcript). Scroll down the page further to locate the name of your assigned adviser.

  • No, your advisor cannot change your major or your concentration. You must complete the "Request Change Degree Program" online form (located in your Owl Express account under the "Registration and Student Records" tab) to make any changes to your degree program. See the instructions above on "How do I declare my major?

  • The Construction Management Department offers a curriculum with six concentrations. Students may choose studies in General Contracting, Land Development, Specialty Construction, Heavy Construction, Facility Management and Residential Construction.
  • To change your concentration, please re-declare your major online, and select only the new concentration you wish to follow. See the instructions above on "How do I declare my major?"

    *Please note that this will update your catalog to the current year.

  • Your catalog year is the year in which you enrolled at KSU. If you started in the fall semester of 2010, your catalog year is Fall 2010. However, you can always opt to follow a LATER catalog if it benefits you. This means that, if you enrolled in Fall 2010, you could choose to follow any catalog after that date, such as Fall 2011. You can NOT follow an earlier catalog (for example, Fall 2009). See your assigned adviser for clarification.
  • Until your classes have been officially analyzed by the Registrar's office and appear on your Owl Express unofficial transcript, it will be difficult to get a complete picture of your progress as a Construction Management major at KSU. All transfer credit is processed by the Registrar's office and will appear at the bottom of your Owl Express transcript when complete. Your assigned adviser can assist you in interpreting how the credits transferred and if any substitutions should be made.
  • Each student should keep copy of the Curriculum Check Sheet for their catalog year, as well as the Curriculum Flow Chart for their concentration to guide them in choosing classes. These documents are available in the Construction Management office and on the department website. Pay close attention to prerequisite needs for courses, and take courses in the proper sequence. Most CM Core Courses are offered each semester, however, some course are only offered once a year.

    You and your advisor may create two year plans in DegreeWorks to map out your progress. DegreeWorks will list all classes that you have taken or are currently registered for, and shows the progress that you have made toward your degree. DegreeWorks also will list the courses that you need to take in order to complete your degree.

    It is recommended that you keep your schedule balanced with Core Curriculum classes and Major requirements so that you have more flexibility with your course selection.

  • The Construction Management Department does not offer closed overrides. Courses are listed at maximum capacity; the department does not "hold" any seats in reserve. Therefore, if a class is closed, there are no available seats. The only option is to add your name to the waitlist, and if seats come open, you will be moved in to the class based on your order on the wait list.
  • The online override form is located on the department homepage. Expand the “Students” menu to the left, and select the “Advising” module, the form will appear. Use this form for all registration errors.
  • The Construction Management Department advocates that students receive advising each semester throughout their academic career at KSU. The semester before you graduate, submit a formal petition for the degree through the Registrar’s Office online petition process. Login to Owl Express; select the "Student Records" tab; select "Petition to Graduate". The graduation petition process initiates a petition fee assessment, and the academic record will be audited to determine eligibility toward the degree. Expect four to six weeks for results of an initial degree audit. Audit Results are viewable at the "Display Petition Status" link in Owl Express, and you will be prompted by email to view status changes in addition to essential audit results and graduation policies. There will be a fee associated with the petition. The Registrar's Office will then process your petition and notify you of additional courses needed to graduate with a Construction Management degree. Advisors are available to guide with your course selections, but the petition is always the final word on needed degree requirements. Be prepared to indicate which catalog you have followed when taking classes. This date will either be the semester you started taking classes at KSU, or a more recent catalog you have opted to follow.
  • A 3.5 is needed for cum laude, 3.8 for magna cum laude, and 4.0 for summa cum laude. This honor will be noted in the program at the graduation ceremonies.
  • First, prepare your resume and have it reviewed by a faculty member or by Career Services. Once this is done, you are ready to attend career fairs and submit applications for work. OwlLink lists internships and job openings through the Career Services department. Additionally, the Construction Management department regularly posts new job notices on the board in the hallway outside of our main office on the third floor in the H building.

    Look for emails from the department that announce special visits by contractors. They visit our campus often to present information sessions on their companies.

    And remember, your classmates are excellent sources for job opportunities. Reach out to them and start forming your professional network.

  • Students must complete the Coles Prerequisite Override Form using the Coles online request system. You must fill out this request for each class and each semester. Once approved, you will receive an email from the Coles Undergraduate Request System that will inform you of your status. For more information, please see the Coles Online Prerequisite Override Request System.

    Lower-division courses (2000-level) are not screened by this procedure, you may enroll in them as needed. Each Construction Management student must complete three 3000-level courses through the Coles School of Business. The courses are IS 3100-Information System Management, MGT-3100 Management & Behavioral Science and MKT-3100 Principles of Marketing.

  • Orientation is not required, however you will not be able to register for courses until you have either completed KSU Ignition Orientation or scheduled a meeting with your academic advisor (this will delay your registration until a week prior to the start of the classes). Attending orientation will give the student a better opportunity for course selections.
  • Yes! The Department gives out over $35,000 a year in scholarships from a variety of sources. The process to apply is very simple: each November 1, the Kennesaw State University Scholarship Application opens for all students. You can also find the application in Owl Express under the "Financial Aid" tab. This one application will automatically enter you for all scholarship opportunities that you are qualified to receive, either from the CM Department or the University.

    For further information please the KSU Scholarship website.