2020 AIA Georgia Educator of the Year


It is with great joy that the College of Architecture and Construction Management (CoACM) acknowledges Professor Kathryn Bedette’s recent receipt of the first-ever AIA Georgia Educator of the Year Award. Professor Bedette’s commitment to student preparedness and success in the classroom and in the profession is a testament to her passion for architecture.

According to the AIA Georgia Honor Awards Program the Educator of the Year Award is bestowed upon any educator, faculty member, administrator, or staff person who has furthered the objectives of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in the role of educating and supporting the next generation of architects. The Institute works to advance our nation’s quality of life. Educator of the Year recipients are consistent with AIA’s values as they stand for:

  • Equity and human rights,
  • Architecture that strengthens our communities,
  • A sustainable future,
  • Protecting communities from the impact of climate change,
  • Economic opportunity, and Investing in the future

This award is open to educators of any rank or appointment (including faculty members, administrators, and staff) employed by and working in either Georgia Institute of Technology, Kennesaw State University or Savannah College of Art and Design’s architectural programs.

Professor Bedette currently serves as the Associate Dean for Student Success and Accreditation where she oversees administrative efforts on all things related to student success. Her focus is on establishing the CoACM Student Success Headquarters which houses all academic advising services, provides workshops and training on student related issues, and aids in developing meaningful pathways to graduation. Professor Bedette is also the point of contact for all accreditation and assessment processes.

Please join me in congratulating Professor Bedette for her well-deserved recognition.


Dean Andrew Phillip Payne, January 2021




Kathryn Bedette’s  first-ever AIA recipent of Georgia Educator of the Year Award.
Kathryn Bedette - AIA Georgia Educator of the Year Award