Digital Fabrication Lab

digital fabrication lab

Bldg 640, Rm 315

Mon – Fri; 9am – 10pm

Mon – Fri; 9am – 5pm (summer enrolled only)

  • Please review the online scheduler prior to your visit to ensure availability.

Rachel Johnson
Digital Operations Manager 

Sabrina Seaman
Digital Fabrication Technician

  • The KSU College of Architecture and Construction Management (CoACM) Digital Fabrication Lab is located on the Marietta campus on the 3rd floor of the Architecture (640) building. The lab houses professional grade digital manufacturing equipment for small-to-medium scale model and prototype creation, utilizing numerous materials ranging from papers to plastics to composites; All active students and faculty have access to the lab’s resources and equipment for class projects and research.

    For current college students, more information on how to access these resources can be found in the Fabrication Processes section. The lab is fully staffed by professional technicians during operational hours and includes the following equipment:

    • Laser Cutters – CNC guided CO2 laser cutting machines, ranging from 18 x 24” to 36 x 48” for cutting or etching lines and patterns onto materials.
    • 3D Printers – Additive rapid-prototyping machines for creating small scale models, including but not limited to professional-grade Stratasys printers with ABS-carbon fiber composite filament and a 24 x 48 x 24” large-format machine.
    • Vacuum Forming Machine – A thermoforming machine for heating up plastic to wrap around and create rigid shells out of 3D objects.
  • CoACM students and faculty may utilize the lab facilities within operational hours and are responsible for reviewing the following policy and usage guides prior to handling of equipment.

    Laser Cutters

    3D Printers

    Vacuum Former

  • Q: I’m a current student at KSU but am not within the CoACM. Am I allowed to utilize the Digital Fabrication Lab?
    A: Non-CoACM students are permitted to utilize the laser cutters and the vacuum forming machine after reviewing the policy and usage guides. Priority is given to Architecture and Construction Management students. The 3D printers are not available to students outside of the college.

    Q: Can I laser cut personal projects?
    A: Yes, however priority is given to CoACM student class projects during heavy traffic. Please be mindful of the academic calendar and plan your personal projects accordingly.

    Q: Can I 3D print personal projects, even if I bring in my own filament?
    A: The 3D printers are reserved for CoACM class projects only and run off consumables paid for by CoACM specific lab fees. Staff can recommend other campus resources for students interested in exploring 3D printing for personal projects.

    Q: I am unable to make my laser reservation. Can you cut my materials for me?
    A: No, staff requires that all laser cutting jobs be monitored by the student or faculty person operating the equipment for the full duration of the job.

    Q: I am not ready for my scheduled laser appointment and am unable to attend my reservation. Can I cut later?
    A: Users that are no longer able to attend their laser reservation must cancel/delete their laser appointment prior to the reservation starting or contact staff in advance. Missed appointments will result in an immediate ban from laser schedule access for 2 weeks.

    Q: Do you sell materials for laser cutting?
    A: Materials are not available for purchase within the Digital Fabrication Lab however some materials may be available at the campus bookstore. Staff can offer recommendations on where to purchase materials depending on your project.

    Q: Do you have any materials available for students to use for their projects?
    A: Limited numbers of scrap pieces are freely available within the scrap material drawers in the lab.

    Q: Can I cut [material name here] on the lasers even though it’s not listed on your approved list?
    A: Please contact staff if you have any questions about materials not listed in the “Laser Cutting Approved and Banned Materials List” PDF.

    Q: May I store my materials in the lab?
    A: The Digital Fabrication Lab does not have space for faculty or students to store materials. Staff highly recommends that all students and faculty store their materials flat to prevent sheets from warping.

    Q: Are you open on the weekends?
    A: No, the lab is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 10pm during Fall/Spring, and Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm during the Summer semester.