Fun Facts

Did you know that Future City National provides educators with important STEM Learning Blocks to assist them in the classroom? 

Learning Blocks

Over 33,000 middle school students participated in the 2012 Future City Competition.

81% of students said that FC taught them that they could create something on their own without the direction of a teacher.                 

81% of the students who participate in Future City claim it gave them an outlet for their creativity and imagination.                 

85% of last years student competitors claimed that Future City helped them to learn and appreciate everything that goes into planning and maintaining a city.                 

85% of Students reported they liked working with their teams.

82% of students surveyed reported that Future City made them realize the importance of working with others to solve problems?                 

Here's what some of our students had to say about teamwork:

  • “Teamwork is great and without a team you won't get too far in a lot of things.”
  • “I learned to work with my classmates cooperatively even if I didn't agree with their ideas.”
  • “The thing that I learned was that working with someone is better than alone.”

86% of teachers said that they saw improvement in problem solving skills after FC.

75% of our educators saw an improvement in Student’s oral presentation skills.

74% of our educators saw improvement in project management skills.

71% of our educators said they saw improvement in student’s ability to work independently after FC.