The Construction History Society of America (CHSA)

The Construction History Society of America (CHSA) conference is being hosted June 2-4 here at the CACM. The theme is masonry construction.

There will be a Student Poster Session. Participation in this event will help build your resume and portfolio.

Posters will be presented on Friday June 3, 2022.

Only 30 posters (32” x 40”) will be chosen for the session. To secure a spot, please provide a document with the following info ASAP:

1) Your name
2) Your major and college
3) Title of your poster presentation
4) An abstract (200+ words) of your presentation
5) A small pdf image of your poster or a draft image

Send this info to:

Prof. Keif Schleifer at
Dr. Monaghan at

Deadline for entry is May 27, 2022

CHSA Poster


Spring 2022 Update

Important notice to freshmen and transfer freshmen applicants to the Architecture Program.

Welcome to the Spring 2022 Semester at Kennesaw State University Architecture Department.

Our 5 year BARCH program currently has over 650 registered students after we welcomed a record number of freshmen to our program in the Fall of 2021. Courses have returned to in-person modalities with masks requested and encouraged in all of our buildings. Vaccinations highly encouraged as we continue to monitor COVID updates. 

architecture fall 2021

The University is currently supporting vaccinations through the "Protect the Nest" campaign found here.

Students seeking to enter Kennesaw State’s Architecture Degree Program in the Fall semester of 2022 must meet the requirements for admission on the Kennesaw Admissions page:

Please note that there are higher admissions requirements for the Architecture Degree program and they are listed on the admissions page for incoming freshmen and transfer freshmen.

For a select few, they may apply for admission into the Accelerated Track (AT) of the B.ARCH program after completing 36 credits, maintaining a KSU GPA of 2.5 and completion of both Math and Physics (lecture and lab). This track is an acceleration of the first two years of the BARCH. 


Students choosing this option must enroll for fall 2022, spring 2023 and summer 2023 semesters.

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