Minor in Construction Management

Students seeking a bachelor's degree in other majors may persue a minor in Construction Management.

Required Courses (15 Credit Hours):

CM 2000 - Construction Graphics

A study of the fundamentals of graphic language used by construction professionals, with an emphasis on developing skills in expressing concepts in visual form and in reading architectural and engineering construction documents.

Credits: 3

CM 3000 - Computer Applications in Construction

An introduction to microcomputers and commercial software. Students learn DOS and Windows manipulations, spreadsheets, word processing, visualization, and presentation software by actively using tutorials and help screens in a structured laboratory setting. Scheduling and estimating software are introduced.

Credits: 3

CM 3110 - Residential and Light Construction Methods

A study of materials, techniques, and methods used in residential and light construction. Foundations, wood frame and masonry structural systems, interior and exterior finishes, residential electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems are included. Also included are residential building code requirements.

Credits: 3

CM 3410 - Construction Quantity Surveying

A study of techniques in the process of construction estimating, with an emphasis on development of the quantity survey. The completion of a specification takeoff and a quantity survey of commercial construction are required.

Credits: 3

CM 4510 - Construction Scheduling

A study of the management techniques used in controlling the progress of construction projects, including development of a commercial project schedule, as well as simulation of updating and monitoring progress using critical path methodology. Commonly used commercial software packages are introduced.

Credits: 3